Survey of London.

Survey of London: Whitechapel

Volumes 54 and 55

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Survey of London
Paul Mellon Centre
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Survey of London: Whitechapel

The Survey of London returns to the East End to chronicle Whitechapel, shedding new light on this widely misunderstood district

In these volumes, the Survey of London returns to the East End to chronicle Whitechapel, covering Aldgate to Mile End Green, and Brick Lane to Wellclose Square. The name Whitechapel—one of London’s best known—is highly evocative, carrying dark, even mythic associations. These are set aside to present new histories of all the area’s sites and buildings, those standing and many that have gone, in districts that have been repeatedly rebuilt.
Abutting the City of London, Whitechapel has, since medieval times, housed commerce and many varied industries. Enriched by centuries of immigration, this area has been “global” for as long as that word has denoted the world and, amidst widespread poverty, some of London’s great institutions have been founded here. In the midst of these landmarks, Whitechapel has seen recent transformation. These volumes bear historical witness with hundreds of superb new photographs and meticulous architectural drawings illustrating detailed accounts of topographical development in accessible prose. They will be an invaluable resource for historians, planners, residents, and the wider public.

About the Author
Peter Guillery was, until 2021, a senior research associate for the Survey of London in the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

“Every street is minutely assessed in terms of its architectural and urban form, and social and political history...The Survey has evolved gloriously unto collections of detailed studies of each area of London. It makes an outstanding scholarly contribution to our record and understanding of our capital city."—Jeremy Musson, The Oldie